Warranty Policy


Term and condition

1) Wynn Design Lighting reserves the right to modify this Warranty from time to time; any such modification shall be effective for all purchases made after the effective date of such revised Warranty.
2) This Warranty is extended only to the original purchaser of the Product from Wynn Design Lighting only and is otherwise void.
3) This Warranty is void if the Product has not been used, installed, operated and maintained in accordance with instructions, or if the Product has been subject to accident, neglect, abuse, misuse or acts of God, or if the Product is installed or operated in applications in which ambient temperatures are above or below the temperature range specified in the specification sheet. You acknowledge that use of a Product in an environment in which the ambient temperature is lower or higher than the foregoing temperature range can significantly increase the degradation rate of the Product and shorten its useful life.
4) This Warranty assumes that the Products will be operated for an average of EIGHT (8) hours OR BELOW per day. Operation of the Products in excess of 8 hours per day will shorten the Warranty coverage period.
5) This Warranty does not cover Products that are not defective. However, in certain instances, where there are multiple or catastrophic failures of Products, Wynn Design Lighting may decide, in the exercise of its sole discretion, to repair, replace with similar or newer design fixture with similar or higher lumen output. However, this decision is at Wynn Design Lighting sole and exclusive discretion.
6) In the event that LED’s fail to operate during installation
7) This Warranty does not cover any cosmetic Product defects, including without limitation, damage to the painted Product finish or other finish or coating. Nor does this Warranty cover any lumen drop-off or CCT (i.e. color temperature) variations experienced by a Product.

8) Defects in the luminaires will be evaluated by Wynn Design Lighting, which will have sole discretion to determine whether they are covered by the warranty conditions set out herein.

This warranty will be effective only provided that:

1) the consumer utilizes the Wynn Design Lighting's product according to the product’s specifications;

2) the product is properly installed by qualified technical staff who meet the respective regulatory requirements;

3) the consumer has not modified the luminaires and/or no maintenance/repairs have been performed without the written authorization of Wynn Design Lighting.

4) Defective products must be sent to Wynn Design Lighting within 10 days after the malfunction is discovered, or this warranty will be null and void, and the costs of the shipment will be the customer’s responsibility. The customer is responsible for the costs of disassembly and reassembly.

The warranty does not cover

  • damage caused by transport;
  • damage caused by using the luminaire under inappropriate environmental conditions;
  • damage caused by negligence, lack of maintenance, or attempts to repair it by unqualified or unauthorized personnel, or by using non-original accessories or parts;
  • luminaires installed in systems that have an imbalance (voltage/current) in the power factor;
  • luminaires installed in systems without protection against power surges of any kind (for example lightning)